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Parasite Review 

Parasite is the film of the year. I know I praised 1917. But this one, it's different. It hits hard. It really captivates its audience. The acting, writing,everything about this film is top notch. I'm a huge fan of Asian cinema and this one is a masterpiece. Spoiler alert, fair warning. Though as always, I'll keep this brief because you should definitely go see Parasite. Parasite centres around a poor family and their employment as servants to a rich family. As such, Parasite is really a film about class division. The juxtaposition between both families and their lifestyles is the heart of this film. But I feel it also begs the question; why do we see people risk their lives, lie, or turn to a life of crime in order to survive? Or better, why do people have to resort to this? I think the film wants us to question capitalism. Does capitalism work if these extreme class divisions exist? This could be my own interpretation and biases showing. But nevertheless, this is what I took away from the film. The entire subtext centres around this class division between the two families.. There is a scene where the poor family is seen leaving the rich family's house. We see their descent towards their dwelling. At one point we see them climbing down a long staircase. The shot is sustained long enough that I have to think it's intentional (most in good film is). There's a sociological concept of "upward social mobility" that I feel this shot is expressing. Although they climb the stairs to get to their work as servants in a "high class" household, they must always climb back down. Their reality is "low class". And as much as they want to climb their way to the top, they are never fully accepted there. Even though both families masquerade as if there is no class division between the two, we as onlookers know. And the characters know. When they take off their masks, they know. Parasite is more than just a cool, hip, new modernist flick. It is thought provoking. It brings to the surface huge problems within society today. I truly believe this is the film of the year. Will the academy agree? We will see. But wouldn't it be fitting of the Academy, who are often criticized for their "privilege", to award a film that exposes the struggle between classes in society today? I think so.

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