• Justin O

Participation Trophies are Making Us Unhappy

This one might draw some controversy. But fuck it, this needs to be expressed. I feel that today, we are being praised for mediocrity. Children are being taught that as long as they try their best, it won't matter if they succeed or not. The old saying of "it's not about if you win or lose it's how you play the game" holds especially strong today. We say a huge fuck that to this mindset. Here at health and swellnes, we talk a ton about the journey. But loving the process doesn't mean you should succumb to a mediocrity mindset. It's time we examine what makes us happy. And the idea that we are all equal is harmful. This is exactly what the status quo wants. So, let's fight back. Let's be winners. I feel we are far too concerned with competition. We treat it as if it is a dangerous thing. But why exactly? Competition is the point. It what drives people. Think about it. If someone is better than you at something, does that not fire you up? Does it not give you a purpose? And does that not make you happy? We are competitive by nature. Being the best at something is rewarding. So this coddling mindset is stupid. I truly believe this is a ploy by the establishment to keep people under control. Think about it. If we are taught that we are all equal, that being the same is a good thing, then how are we to progress? How is real change supposed to occur? This blog post came to mind after the Super Bowl. I asked on Instagram who was rooting for the Patriots to win. An overwhelming majority of responders were rooting against them. The Patriots are exceptional. A true dynasty. If anything, we should be impressed by their success. Because it is a feet not many achieve. But we don't. We root against the winners. Because we think they make us look weak. We think that the high achievers are making the rest of us feel worse about our mediocrity. But that is a direct result of our current mindset. Instead of accepting mediocrity. Instead of dissing the winners. It is time to be harder on ourselves. Let's strive for greatness. Let's learn from the Patriots of the world. If you want to be happy, its time to step the fuck up. Stop complaining about people who are better than you. Its pathetic. Be inspired to beat them. I truly believe that having goals, having a purpose, leads to happiness. But right now we are stuck. Trapped thinking that we are mediocre, and that this is okay. Trapped believing that the winners are at fault, and that we have no control in what we get out of life. I urge you to shut down this noise. Don't succumb to weakness. Live your life in pursuit of greatness. Don't let the establishment bring you down. Here's to becoming a winner. Stay Healthy, Stay Fit, Stay Lit, Ocho #winning #entrepreneur #mindset

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