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Self-Help: Total Bullshit

This is something I thought about this morning. I fall victim to this too. And even though I write this blog to truly motivate you, there is definitely a huge problem with all the self-help gurus out there. It's not that their messages are bad. Nor is it that they are trying to deceive us. The issue lies in our reliance on them. We listen to what Gary Vaynerchuk or Mel Robbins have to offer and for a moment we get inspired. But then reality sets in, and we revert back to old habits until we start feeling like we want to do something again, and we put on another one of their speeches. Rinse wash repeat. Self-help is meant to inspire you to you know, actually help yourself. But what the gurus are giving us is instant gratification. This short lived belief that we are capable, responsible people. But once that feeling subsides, we are left alone,hopeless for positive change.

Tell me that you haven't wasted hours a day watching #inspo YouTube vids. Tell me you haven't bought self-help books only to read 10 pages and then leave it to catch dust on your bookshelf. I know I have. The problem is that in order for us to improve, we actually need to , as the name suggests, help ourselves. And that isn't going to happen if we listen to other people telling us what to do. We need to take action. The only way to improve is to do shit. Want to lose weight? Get your nutrition and fitness in check. Want to do better in business? Put in the long hours, the networking. Change requires hard work. Plain and simple. So stop wasting time listening to self-help gurus and start imitating their actions. Don't listen to Gary Vee talk about the #hustle. Go out and hustle.

Everything I talk about is all well and good but it means nothing if you don't put it into practice. Right now I'm on the first page of a 1000 page book. To most, I'm a nobody. But it doesn't stop me from sharing my journey. I too get caught up. There are days where I spend too much time listening and not enough time doing. But I try to improve that every day. As should you.

Here's to doing the work.

Stay Healthy, Stay Fit, Stay Lit,


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