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Supercharge Your Breakfast With This Badass Smoothie

Boys, this one is for you. Not to say the ladies can't drink this. But if you are a man, you need to get on this. It makes you feel invincible. The first time I drank it, I legit dropped down and did 100 pushups. Okay, I exaggerate, it was only 90. But the point stands, the ingredients in this shake will make you healthy af. Alright, let's get into it:

Coconuts Healthy fats are all the rage and for good reason. Our body loves to use ketones (fuel from fat). Coconuts contain Medium Chain Triglycerides which are instantly converted into fuel for our body . Kale Kale is a superfood. It's legit got a crazy amount of vitamins, minerals, and anti-oxidants. Plus it has been shown to have cancer fighting properties and contains lutein which is good for your eye health. There is a reason why kale is popular in the health and wellness community. It's incredible.

Parsley It aids in digestion which is chill. But the main reason I add this to the smoothie is because it is anti-Inflammatory and boosts your immune system.

Flax Seeds Another healthy fat. Flax seeds contain Omega 3s which can be converted into DHA, the Omega 3 you find primarily in fish that also is what the majority of your brain is comprised of . Just to be clear though, you do need to consume fish oil in order to get your required amount of DHA. But I see no harm in using flax seeds as well.

Ghee Ghee is butter, except without the lactose and the protein. It is high in butyric acid which can heal your gut and even more interesting, directly lowers inflammation in the brain. Plus, it adds a nice texture and taste to the smoothie. Turmeric I love this shit. It is anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer, anti-bad health. Keep in mind though, it stains shit very easily.

Spirulina I still don' really know what this is other than it is an aquatic plant of sorts. Anyway, it's the most super of foods as it contains tons of vitamins and minerals, has a shit ton of anti-oxidants, and has the most protein per pound of any food. Nice.

Maca This cruciferous veggie is a hormone balancer. But what is the most interesting is that it is a libido booster. Don't be surprised if you suddenly feel like casanova after consuming this.

Matcha Not only does it help with anxiety, but the anti-oxidants in it (catechins) are proven to help fight cancer. And it's a natural fat burner. Neat.

Cinnamon This not only adds flavour but stabilizes blood sugars and keeps you insulin sensitive which will help keep the fat off. Cloves This one is for longevity as cloves are high in polyphenols and tannens which are staples in the blue zones (where people live the longest).

Salt and pepper Pepper helps with the absorption of turmeric and salt helps with your athletic performance and is an essential mineral. Just make sure it's a high quality salt.

Banana (pre intense workout only) Fructose pre-workout is good for that extra push you will need to lift the heavy things. MCT Oil More immediate ketones and it's good for your gut bugs. Goat Yogourt Got to have good bacteria. Probiotics like yogourt are key. Goat Milk, Bone Broth, Coconut Milk The trifecta. Fill up your smoothie with these. Goat milk is easier to digest than cow milk, is great for your skin, and is great for strengthening your bones. Bone broth heals your gut as it's high in collagen. And has tons of glutamine which aids in recovery from those workouts you do fam. And I think you understand the benefits of coconuts by now. Monk Fruit Zero calories but is actually sweeter than sugar. And our body processes it like it's a herb. Cool. That's it folks. Start drinking this and you will see how fucking awesome it makes you feel. It's definitely a game changer. Do you have a smoothie you think I should try? Hit me up in the comments. And don't forget to check back in tomorrow for more dope info. Stay Healthy, Stay Fit, Stay Lit, Ocho #healhandwellness #lifestyle #smoothie #healthyhabits #breakfast #fatisfuel #superfoods

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