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The Demonization of Animal Fats

Fat isn't the enemy. In fact, getting high quality fats in your diet is crucial for optimal health. Especially whole food animal fats. For years we were told to avoid fat. Animal fats especially were demonized. But why? It seems odd that this would happen considering humans have been relying on animal foods throughout our evolution. Corporate interests and religious ideologies shaped our nutrition guidelines. And instead of making us healthier, it destroyed our health. Humans need animal fat and protein. The demonization of animal foods can be traced back to the Seventh Day Adventists. Kellog's founder John Harvey Kellogg was a Seventh Day Adventist. The American, Canadian, and British Dietetic associations all formed by Seventh Day Adventists. If you aren't aware, the Seventh Day Adventist Church insists on a plant based diet. At the same time scientists were looking into cardiovascular disease as it became a prevalent issue. One scientist, Ancel Keys, was tasked with doing a study on the relationship between saturated fat and heart disease. The now infamous Seven Country Study showed the correlation between saturated fat intake and heart disease. But when you look at the data as a whole, 21 countries were surveyed. And when you account for these countries, zero correlation exists. Mind blown. Go watch my YouTube video here https://youtu.be/nMUNvgM0dr0 to learn more about this deception. As the keto and carnivore diet craze has shown, there clearly isn't anything wrong with fat and animal nutrition. Remember to keep an open mind #swellfam. Here's to being a fat hunter. #carnivorediet #keto #nutritonscience

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