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The Health and Swell Diet

Let's do this. So I realized we never spoke about protein. The reason for that is well, there's not much to talk about. Basically, you are eating too much of it that's for sure. The supplement companies fooled us into thinking we need tons of protein to gain muscle. That's just not true. We need only .4-.6 grams of protein per pound of body weight. And for longevity purposes less is probably better. As for where we get our protein from, ideally you want to get it from pastured meats, wild shellfish, wild fish, nuts, and seeds. A2 dairy is also okay. But treating meat as a side dish is the best option. Trust me, I've never seen this much muscle growth and I eat about 3-4oz of meat or fish a day. And veggies have protein too by the way. We also didn't talk about fasting. Each level of my diet plan will involve fasting. The health benefits are amazing. And it is sure to help you shred body fat. So if you are ready, let's get into the plan:

Level 1

This plan is designed for those who aren't as concerned with the nitty gritty health benefits of it all. They just want to lose weight. These people are also not looking to alter their diet much.

Foods to avoid

There are no restrictions, just aim to eat clean as much as you can.


Omega 3 with high DHA, protein powder (optional)


eat for only 8 hours during the day , fast for 16. The easiest way to do this is to eat from 2-8pm but whatever way works for you is fine.

Level 2

This is for those who are serious about improving their health. They want to lose weight but are equally or more concerned about improving their health. The micro biome is taken into huge account here. Therefore the food that you will eat will directly relate to good gut health. There are also some foods that will be restricted in this level (excluding your “cheat meals” which we will discuss at the end of this post .


Smoothie (use any/all of these)


Ghee/butter from pastured cows

Coconut Oil


Flax Seeds

Hemp Seeds


Berry of choice



yogurt of choice

Salt +pepper

Almond or coconut milk

Sweetener (stevia,monk fruit. Etc.)




Served with handful of nuts and 85% or higher dark chocolate.


A big bowl of leaves and other vegetables. Drenched in extra virgin olive oil and some apple cider vinegar. Try to get a good variety of vegetables and cover with salt,pepper,and herbs.


Fill most of your plate up with a healthy variety of vegetables , add your favourite resistant starch (sweet potato, parsnips, millet etc). Fill the remaining part of the plate with choice if meat or fish (pasture raised and wild only) or beans.


Omega 3 with high DHA on days you are not consuming fish

Restricted food

A1 Dairy




Fruits (in winter)

Factory farm meat

Bread (except sourdough)


You should fast 18-24 hours 2-4 times per week depending on your preferences.


Eat one avocado a day.

Extra virgin olive oil should be used often

Alcohol is to be consumed in moderation (except Red wine, you can have a glass a day).

Organic should be bought when possible.

Level 3

This is for the real swell folk. This is a lifestyle change. This is how I live, and if you really want the full health and swell experience this is the one for you.


530 am (or earlier ) wake up

Make bed

Two glasses of water,one with tablespoon of apple cider vinegar.

Gratitude journal.

Organic,fair trade coffee or artisanal roast of choice.

Fasted workout

20 minutes meditation

Band and mobility work (5 mins)

Cold shower

Sauna everyday if possible (20-30 minutes).

*Food choices depend on intensity of workout and fasting times.

Break Fast

1tbsp of coconut oil

Bone Broth


or combo of all three

(Wait 45 mins to an hour until you have full meal)

The Health and Swell Smoothie or Yogurt (no base, goat kefir on side, nuts and chocolate in yogurt )

Coconut Milk

⅓ Goat Kefir

Goat Milk

Organifi Green Juice blend

Bone Broth (fat included)

Chaga, Lions Mane, Cordyceps (medicinal mushrooms )



Flax Seeds

Goat ,Sheep, or Buffalo Yogurt

Coconut Oil


Ghee or Goat Butter

Salt +Pepper



Plant based or goat protein powder (optional )

Side of walnuts, macadamias or pecans and

100 percent dark chocolate


Yoga or mobility work, walk , sports, go on adventures etc.

Make sure to drink tons of water with salt added.

Lunch (if not fasting)

Huge assortment of veggies and occasionally goat or Italian cheese. Drenched in extra V

virgin olive oil. Tons of turmeric, basil, rosemary.

*Lunch to also include a protein and starch if fasting afterwards.


Wild salmon, sardines, mackerel, wild shellfish pastured beef,pastured lamb, or pastured Pork.

Tons of greens and cruciferous veggies(broccoli, cauliflower etc)

Sauerkraut or kimchi


Tons of extra virgin olive oil, salt, pepper, turmeric, rosemary, and basil

Night time



Camomile tea with CBD oil

Pitch black room

Thermostat off


Omega 3 high DHA, on days not consuming fish.


Exogenous ketones (if needed).



Restrictions and other notes

As much as possible eat local and seasoned vegetables as this correlates with the seasonal changes of your micro biome

This means less meat in winter, no eggs, no fruit, and tons of fermented foods.

Whereas in the summer you can eat more fruit (great to eat first in morning ) tons of eggs and more meat.

Only 1 avocado per week as although extremely healthy, they are extremely harmful to our environment.

Aim to buy organic or better from local farms who use sustainable farming methods

Aim is to consume 1 litre of olive oil a week.

Other than a glass of red wine, alcohol should be consumed sparingly,save for the real special occasion.

No A1 dairy, nightshades, grains, pseudo grains, all bread (except sourdough), soy, and corn.


Fast at least 20 hours once a week, 18 hours twice a week, 16 hours once a week . Every 3 months fast for 2-3 days. Also, eat at the latest 3 hours before bed .

Cheat Meals

They don't exist. If you want to eat something then do it. Just remember that you are strong enough to get back on track the next day. Pro tip though, it you are serious about this plan,then be serious about when you decide to go off it. Don't waste calories on crappy fast food. You can do better than that.

I will leave you by saying that if you are wanting to make a positive change in your life please don't be scared to contact me at healthandswell@gmail.com. As promised, this plan and all consultations are free. I just want to help you. Swell fam, this is not some fad way of eating,this is what has lead me to results, it's a conglomeration of expert advice, real world practice,and scientific research. So if you are ready, jump into it. Let me know how you feel. I am so happy that I am able to share this.

Here's to a life of health and swell.

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