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The Health and Swell Diet Part 2: All The Fats

For years we have been lied to. It was once common belief that dietary fat was the root cause of chronic illness. That heart disease, diabetes, cancer all had excess fat consumption to blame. But today, we know different. Studies have come out revealing the truth about dietary fat. And it is mind blowing stuff. Fat, as long as it isn't a hydrogenated oil or of the trans variety, is the majority (at least calorie wise) of what you should be eating. And that is the next biggest thing about the health and swell diet. It's filled with plenty of healthy fats. But before we dive into the types of foods you need to be eating on the regs, let's look into why dietary fats have gotten a bad rep in the first place.

It all started after President Eisenhower got a heart attack. Due to this, everyone started freaking out about heart disease. But one scientist, Ancel Keys, made it his mission to discover the causes of coronary heart disease. In his findings, he discovered that the countries that ate more fat had more heart attacks (the now infamous 7 country study). As such, the low-fat, low cholesterol diet became mainstream. But alas, this was all proven to be false. There was actually 22 countries that had data on this subject. And if you factor in this information, there is zero correlation between dietary fat consumption and coronary heart disease. So why this confusion? Well at this time, companies began creating hydrogenated fats (crisco, etc.) made from “vegetables”. These companies had much influence and lobbied government offices in order to promote their products. And as such, vegetable oils replaced lard and animal fats as the primary cooking oils used. This low fat and vegetable oil craze, however, has done the opposite of what it intended to do. The pharmaceutical companies are laughing.

The truth is healthy fats are essential for good health. Excess carbohydrates are actually the cause of many chronic illnesses. This isn't to say you should go full keto and eliminate all the carbs. That isn't the answer. But it's time you stop treating fat as the enemy. Dietary fat is the least likely of macros to make you fat. Fat induces the smallest insulin spike after all. I have been consuming a litre of olive oil a week, avocados, nuts, coconut oil and fatty fish as the majority of my caloric intake for over 7 months. I have lost 40 pounds and the body fat percentage keeps shrinking. My anxiety has improved, my energy is through the roof. I feel amazing. The afternoon crash is not a thing for me anymore.

Fats are a staple of the health and swell diet. The reason why the keto diet works for so many people is because the majority of us have consumed a high carb diet for a long time. Therefore, we burn carbs (sugar) as our primary fuel source. The keto diet makes it so you have no choice but to utilize fat for energy. It lets us get to a point of metabolic flexibility in which we can use both carbs and fat for fuel. This is wher we want to be. So please, eat your olive oil, coconut oil, avocados, nuts, seeds, fatty fish etc. It's definitely the swellest change you can make to your diet.

Here's to never opting for “fat free” again.

Stay Healthy, Stay Fit, Stay Lit,


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