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The Health And Swell Diet Part 3: Eat Mostly Plants

If fats are going to be where most of your calories come from, plants are going to be where the volume is at. You need to fill up your plates mostly with plants. The truth is we have been eating plants forever. It was much easier for our ancestors to forage for plants than it was to kill an animal. A big problem with the #keto craze or worse the #carnivore diet is that it neglects plants. I mean there are many keto advocates who insist that too much vegetables is bad for you. They insist that the plant chemicals in veggies are harmful. Now for many like myself, who have autoimmune problems, then yes some plants are harmful. Lectins in particular are problematic. But for most of you, plants are your best friend. And it's important to remember, vegetables over fruit. Because it turns out fruit, although delicious, needs to be eaten in moderation.

I personally believe that you should avoid fruit in the winter. Our ancestors only ate fruit in season, and that was in the summer. Now on occasion, having a fruit in the winter is not going to kill you. Fruits do have tons of vitamins and minerals, and are loaded with antioxidants. But the issue with fruit is that it is also loaded with sugar in the form of fructose. Now unlike glucose which can be stored in your muscle, fructose can only be stored as liver glycogen. And your liver only has a certain amount it can store. Most people indulge in delicious fruit not realizing that only a bit of it is getting stored in your liver. The rest,you guessed it, is being stored as body fat. That's why gorillas only eat fruit in the summer. They are storing body fat to survive the winter. It works the same for us. So be weary of fruits. They aren't the worst but should not be prioritized over vegetables

The health and swell diet is nearly complete. We know that it won't ever be restrictive, it is a high fat diet, and is mostly plant based. Tomorrow we will talk about carbohydrates, and Wednesday we will talk about protein. The entire plan will be released on Friday. I'm very excited to unveil this. I truly feel it can help a bunch of you.

Here's to the plants.

Stay Healthy, Stay Fit, Stay Lit,


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