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The Health and Swell Diet Part 4: Carbs are NOT the enemy.

Although the health and swell diet is very high in fat, carbohydrates are the most important part of the diet. The thing about carbs is that contrary to the current fad, they are actually super important. The key, however, is to know which carbs to eat and when. Our gut bugs love certain carbohydrates. Fibre, namely , is so important for our microbiome. So carbs aren't the enemy. The issue is that most of us are eating way too many carbs. For some, this is okay. Certain individuals do really well on a high carb diet. The Okinawans, a blue zone society, eat the purple sweet potato as their staple food and consume very little fat. But most of us do not need to be consuming the amount of carbs that we do. And carb timing is also important. The health and swell diet loves carbs as long as they are consumed properly.

Vegetables and fruit have many beneficial carbohydrates. And we know that they constitute the majority of the diet. But what other carbs are good for us? Most think whole grains are healthy af. That's not true whatsoever. If you look at the Chinese whose staple food is rice, they remove the hull of the grain. It is horrible for your gut. The best type of grains (unless you are someone with lectin sensitivities ) are the ancient grains. Think quinoa, spelt, kamut etc. Beans are also really good for you. The key is to prepare them properly to allow for easier digestion. This means soaking and sprouting. But the most important carbs that you must be consuming are resistant starches.. We cannot digest these. They are food for our friendly gut bacteria who eat these up and transform them into short chain fatty acids which keep us swell af. Types of resistant starches that I love include Jerusalem artichokes, sweet potatoes, millet, green bananas, and parsnips. You also can have regular potatoes and white basmati rice. You just need to cook them the day before, let it cool, and reheat the next day. This increases the amount of resistant starches. Now as for when to eat carbs, this may surprise you, but you need to eat them at night. You do not want to spike your blood sugars in the morning as this will lead to brain fog and afternoon fatigue. Nobody has time for that. Carbohydrates actually improve your sleep quality too. That's pretty neat.

Do not be afraid of carbohydrates. They aren't going to make you fat. We just need to be cognizant of what types we consume, how we prepare them, and when we consume them. It is that simple.

Here's to the carbs.

Stay Healthy, Stay Fit, Stay Lit


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