• Justin O

Tik Tok is Winning 

Whether we believe it or not, Tik Tok has taken over. They are winning the attention battle. Gone are the days where Instagram was cool. It's all about Tik Tok now. I've been on the app for over a year now. I've seen the growth. Tik Tok is here and it doesn't appear to be going anywhere anytime soon. Celebrities and influencers are flocking to the app. It's beginning. How long Tik Tok lasts is irrelevant. It's here now. It's time we shift focus away from Instagram and towards TiK.Tok. When I first started posting on Tik Tok. I was admittingly unimpressed. It seemed childish. But as I got more used to the app I realized how much potential it had. Tik Tok is the most convenient source of entertainment we have at our disposal. In an instant we can whip out a 15 second video. Humans love convenience. This is why Uber and AirBnB won. Tik Tok is the direct to.consumer social media app. It's a huge network of creators eliminating the middleman and delivering content straight to you. That's why I think Tik Tok is unique. It allows us the opportunity to pick up our phone, share our opinions and talents and get recognition. Overnight. There was a Tik Tok I saw recently where a creator said "Tik Tok allows us to be human again". With the whole community in your pocket, I understand this. You can connect so easily. Tik Tok is our place to play. It's possible this all dies down but I think this is the next big app. There's too much attention on it now for it to completely go the way of Vine. Whatever you do, start producing content on Tik Tok. It's early enough in the game where you can take advantage of the organic growth potential. You can't miss out on this. #tiktok #socialmedia

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