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Top 5 Most Overrated Films of All Time 

Let's have some fun today. We see people talk about the best films of all time. They might talk about the most underrated, or the worst. But what about the most overrated films. Let's set the record straight on 5 universally loved films that just aren't that good. E.T. Can you honestly tell me you enjoyed this film? First, Elliot is the most annoying child in the history of children. Grow a pair dude, and stop whining. I'll give you props for the choice of candy though. As for E.T. himself, he's lame. I honestly never feel a connection to him. And what about all the science experiment , government agency scenes? I would always fast forward through them as a kid. Talk about boring. I think the ending of the film is cheesy AF. The flying scene? Lame. It's just a film of gimmicks and it pains me to think that this film is more respected than Close Encounters of the Third Kind, a far superior alien film. E.T. phone home? More like get me the fuck home from the theatre. Next. Avatar Admittingly, I am impressed by the visuals of the film but otherwise what the fuck does this film have going for it? It's Pocahontas in space. I can't even tell you the plot of the film because it's so boring that I stopped paying attention. James Cameron is a money whore. Plain and simple. The acting for the most part sucks, there's nothing cool about the writing. Without the pretty colours and visual effects this film would be universally hated. The hype was so real when this came out. I never got it and never will. Black Panther I like the film but it's hype far exceeded its quality. It came out at the height of the Black Lives Matter Movement and is definitely culturally important, not denying that. But the film itself, kinda meh. And let's be real, Michael B.Jordan is the real Black Panther. I'll never forgive this injustice. Anyway, not that good of a film and if not for the cultural climate at the time of its release, I don't think it gets nearly as much praise as it did. Chicago This film won Best Picture at the Academy Awards. Over The Lord of the Rings. Yeah, no. It's an adaptation of a dope musical. But I don't think I'll ever watch this film again. I'll watch Step brothers for John C.Reilly. I'll watch the Mask of Zorro for Catherine Zeta Jones and I'll just ignore Renée Zellweger in general because she's pretty much the worst. Just say no to this film, it's a stain on Oscar Best Picture winners. And finally…. Crash Not the awesome David Cronenberg film, the "anti" racism one. This film is absolutely disgusting. I get it was released at a different time but even then, what the fuck were they thinking? Dear white people, don't make films like this. There's so much fucked up about this film. But the most shocking is probably the racist cop raping a black woman and then the film having him later save her life as if to say, "see he's not racist". And this is the common theme of the film. I just can't. Fucking disgusting. Don't watch it if you haven't. What do you think of the list? Do you agree? What are your most overrated films? Let me know in the comments. Have a great night! #film #swellmedia #popculture

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