• Justin O

If You're Reading This It's Not Too Late

We are in a moment in history that will decide the fate of humanity. It's hard to imagine that this is where we are. The virus is proving to be less severe than we thought. That's a good thing. But what is next is crucial. We are being pulled in many directions. And all are trying to strip us of our freedoms. If we do nothing to take back our lives, we will forever regret it. Our children and grandchildren deserve to live in a world where they aren't under constant surveillance and control.

Look around you, this isn't normal. Go to a grocery store, tell me you don't feel like you are in a science fiction movie. People are like robots. They are doing a great job following the rules. Go downtown, and it's empty. Yet people still wait for the light to change to walk across the street. Wtf are you doing ? And then you have the masks. It seems like a good idea. I too was at first okay with this. But it's doing more harm than good. When you wear a mask you are suppressing oxygen flow and your immune system. And more, you are keeping your viruses and bacteria within you. This can lead to more severe infections. Folks I promise you, we need exposure to the outside world in order to be healthy. We need interaction with people. There is no virus that jumps around like they are saying this one dies. Fuck, even the WHO said in January there was no evidence of human to human transmission. These regulations are dehumanizing us, and the longer we accept this , the closer to totalitarian dictatorship we get. It's time to wake up.

I'm urging you all to pay attention. Look what has happened. Do you feel comfortable going down this path? Do you feel good knowing that your children are being forced to stay seated at their desk all day, no freedom to move around? Do you think it's cool that animals are being euthanized in the states due to supply chains being shut down? People are going hungry and food shortages are being created when they aren't necessary. They are setting us up to take full control. This isn't a fucking conspiracy anymore, this is real life. Enough is enough, fight back.

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