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Virtue Signalling Doesn't Make You a Good Person 

Last night, I did my duty as a self proclaimed film buff and watched the Golden Globes. But this isn't going to be a review of the show. Instead I wanted to talk about virtue signaling. Virtue signaling is the conspicuous expression of your moral values. And no group of people do this more than celebrities at award shows. It's actually disgusting to watch. Whether it's Patricia Arquette spouting out hate towards Donny J. Trump (I don't care if it's justified,it was totally done to make herself look like a good person) or the Globes serving vegan food to save the planet (but it's chill to travel with private jets) it's all a bunch of bs. Collectively there was millions of dollars in net worth at the Golden Globes.. They are the biggest shills of the system. Enough is enough. Don't listen to these assholes. If you truly want to be a good person you need to do more than just talk about how good you are. You need to actually do good. These celebrities will make you feel guilty about eating meat or drinking out of plastic water bottles while they go eat tons of meat, do tons of drugs, fly around in their private jets, and do shit fuck all about anything they say they are fighting against. You can do better. The true good person struggles, day in, day out, and sacrifices for their fellow human. They live a life of service. I am tired of these virtue signallers. They aren't better than us. You can do good in this world. You just need to believe in humanity. And you need to believe in yourself. Here's to the good folks. #goldenglobes #vegan #climatecrisis

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