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Was I Wrong About The Carnivore Diet?

After a bit over a year eating a carnivore diet, I have decided to switch it up. Was I wrong about the benefits of eating only animal foods? In a way yes. Animal foods are the health foods. This is clear. All my research, and own experiences have supported this. And yes, plants do have anti-nutrients which cause a lot of people problems. But I think we are entering a new era in nutrition. We have been living in a diet culture, and this has done more harm than good. Nutrition was never supposed to be complicated. We are intuitive beings and our nutrition should be as such. Paleo, Keto, and Carnivore taught us what the healthiest foods are. But limiting yourself of any one food is not sustainable.

My diet is still mostly high quality animal foods. I'd say 90 percent of my calories come from animals. I'll repeat, that's where the nutrients are. But I'm no longer afraid of eating plants. I know which veggies make me feel bad, so I don't eat them. But I do enjoy a lot of veggies that don't make me feel bad, so I don't see the point in not eating them. And it's become pretty obvious to me that carbs in of themselves are not bad. Too much carbs, yes. Too much anything, yes. I've really enjoyed adding in white rice, berries, squash, etc. In my diet. And here is something else, I finally got to grips with not always being in ketosis. Being in ketosis means shit for weight loss. Humans are supposed to come in and out of ketosis. We lose weight on a keto diet because we are teaching our bodies how to utilize fat. You see what I mean, diets make eating complicated. It's time to stop with this.

I am confident the carnivore diet will be the last diet we ever hear about. As we see more countries around the world move towards self-sufficiency, I see more countries relying on local foods to feed their populations. And this will limit our food choices, sure. But it will also lead us to better health. Food is fuel, and we should treat it as such. We need to eat the way that feels right, that's what matters most.

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