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We Are Never Going Back to Normal

It's been 6 months. 6 months of confusion 6 months of fear mongering, 6 months of acquiescing. And for many, these past 6 months have been filled with the hope that our world will one day return to normal. But if we stop and think about it, do we really want to return to normal? Was everything really that great? This crisis has exposed many things, and we hope to take deeper dives into a lot of these. But to kick off the Health and Swell, let's keep shit simple. What I am about to say is going to be hard to hear. But it is necessary. Whether you want to believe it or not , we are never going back to normal. As America's favourite left winger Alexandria Ocasio- Cortez has stated, "we aren't going back to brunch." We can't. The fact of the matter is we lived in a corrupt system that served us in no way. The liberal world order set it up that bankers, corporations, and hedge funds would profit from our reliance on the system. And right now, we are seeing how much this system really fucks us! So let me say it again, we are not returning back to normal. And we should be thrilled about that.

As the world enters another COVID lockdown we are seeing many start to question whether our leaders really give a shit about us. Whether you believe the mainstream narrative or not, the response to the COVID has been inconsistent as fuck. We can go to H&M and Walmart but can't see our family? Please bring it to the comments if you think these measures have been legit. And as we will learn in upcoming podcasts and blogs, the measures align perfectly with esoteric, corporate interests. How is the coronavirus somehow a climate change issue? Why did the World Economic Forum host a pandemic response simulation in October? There's a lot going on behind the scenes of this Corona craze. Just because it is a real and dangerous virus doesn't mean the mainstream narrative is accurate

But I digress, the issue is too many people are sitting around waiting for the virus to disappear so they can return to what they were comfortable with. But comfort is your worst enemy. We need to embrace the uncomfortable. It's uncomfortable thinking that you have been lied to, abused in a system that we were told was there to protect us. We pay protection money to our government so they don't go to war with each other. Yet we are the only one to lose in that situation. They attack civilians, not each other. We are listening to our "leaders" tell us not to see our friends and family but to instead go relax at a shopping mall. Just stop and think how fucking stupid that is. I'm insulted at how stupid these people think we are. Enough is enough.

We need to remember what it means to be human. It's not shopping at H&M. It's not spending an hour "relaxing" at Walmart. It honestly is heartbreaking. When scrolling our Instagram (@healthandswell) we came across a great post by friend of the podcast Lori Noel (@lorilabee). The post expresses frustration that people are still going out to party but we may not be allowed to go apple picking. I shed a tear after reading this. What happened to us? We have become something that makes me sick to my stomach. We are truly the most incredible creatures. We are strong, we are resilient,we are loving. And the idea that we are going to go back to normal. That's terrifying. We deserve so much better. #covid19 #theremembering

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