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We Are Too Unhealthy For Herd Immunity

Herd immunity is the move. I still and will continue to believe this. But a friend of mine messaged me after I posted my last blog. He made me think about things. He brought up the fact that we don't know how this will affect people long term. We think about COVID-19 in terms of fatalities. But there are numerous reports coming out about people suffering potentially permanent damage from COVID. That's concerning. Herd immunity might not be possible. It's fair to say we need a gradual reopening of things, but are we as a whole capable of being exposed to this without severe damage? It seems like we have found ourselves in a difficult situation. As more data comes out, metabolic dysfunction is looking to be the number one comorbidity. The sad reality is, we are not as a whole a healthy population. Years of poor nutrition and lifestyle advice have left us susceptible to illness. There's no clear path out of this that doesn’t involve a pharmaceutical intervention that could take years to be produced.

In the United States, 88 percent of the population is considered metabolically unwell. This is why obesity, diabetes, etc. are huge risk factors for COVID. If we use the states as an example, the VAST majority of people are at a higher risk of getting ill from all diseases. This is the real pandemic. Herd immunity is important to stop the exponential spread of the virus, but can we achieve this if most people are unhealthy? We need to change the way we view "health". We can't assume that a non-obese, young person, is in optimal health. We need to look deeper into their situation. What do their blood markers say, are they insulin sensitive, do they have any nutrient deficiencies, what are there markers of inflammation? These are all important things to know. And we simply can't afford to keep going through life assuming our nutrition and lifestyles aren't important.

Enough is enough now. We have made ourselves more susceptible to illness due to poor nutrition and lifestyle choices. And this isn't our fault. There's very misleading and contradicting health advice out there. A lot of it is coming out of big pharma funded institutions. We have been told to do one thing in order to keep corporate interests happy. They never cared about our health. I got a stroke after going vegetarian and losing 40 pounds. If anything I was the "healthiest" I ever was. Clearly not. If we really want to be prepared for the next pandemic, we need to look to nutrition and lifestyle. This crisis has shown we can alter our lifestyles drastically in order to protect our health. We need to stop denying that what we eat and how we live can lead us down a path towards being sick.

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