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What if Life is Just a Simulation.

You ever think that life is too crazy to be real? Ever wonder if there is a divine force controlling our every move? I do. And this is coming from me, a guy who has fully immersed himself into epigenetics, the law of attraction, and manifestation. I was listening to (for like the 50th time) the Joe Rogan/Elon Musk podcast. In it, they talk about the possibility that life is just a simulation. Pretty cool stuff. But what really resonated with me was something Musk said. He exclaimed that if we are a simulation, then whatever is real must be less interesting. And I agree. Why would a simulation be created that was worse than reality? Alternate realities are always more fun than the truth. Reality is a complicated code to crack, but it definitely fascinates me to think that our world isn't even “real”. And I somewhat believe this. Maybe we aren't a computer simulation, but maybe everything we see is just a simulation of what our minds manifest. And maybe our brains are just functioning like the universe itself, just on a smaller scale. What if reality is just a never ending series of Matryoshka dolls.

For those who don't know , Matryoshka dolls are those stacking figurines of Russian Babushkas. You know those annoying things where a smaller and smaller figurine Is hidden inside each doll. Eventually though, you end up with nothing. But it is of my belief that the universe, reality itself, is just a series of realities encapsulated within each other. And we happen to have a brain that functions similarly to the universe. Now, i'm no scientist. I can't go into much detail trying to explain this. But it makes sense in my mind. I think of the universe as a brain, and I think our universe is held inside another universe. And it keeps on going infinitely. Is that what string theory is ? Whatever this universe is, it allows for the law of attraction to work. We think of something, we manifest it, that's reality. The real question is , do our brains function as part of the universe or alongside it? There is research coming out that favours the latter. But I think it is the firmer. Our consciousness lives within the universe. But it exists separate from it. It functions the same, but each of us yield it to fit our own simulation. What we want out of life we get.

With virtual reality becoming increasingly popular, I think this topic is going to be discussed more and more. I think we are living in a simulation. But it isn't some program that others are controlling. No, that's too sad of a reality to imagine. So, what if our brain creates our reality and our universe is just the brain of something else? What if we are apart of “God's Brain”. I'm not religious but this reality seems the most interesting to me. The simulation is under our control. But harnessing the power to control the entire process of reality is difficult. So my biggest tip for you today is to shut down the noise. Focus on your reality. I have said this before but I'll repeat it again; you can and you must be the master of your destiny.

Here's to living your best simulation.

Stay Healthy, Stay Fit, Stay Lit,


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