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What If Our Microbiome Control Everything We Do?

I want to iterate that I am not a scientist. Everything I am suggesting is just an opinion. It is a wild thought that came to me. Today, I want to talk about the Microbiome. The human body hosts trillions of bacteria that serve a multitude of purposes. Our gut bugs are actually extremely important. The bacteria we host in our gut dictate what food we can digest. Today, study of the Microbiome is extremely popular. New research has come out explaining the power our bacteria hold. It is becoming clear that our gut bugs have huge influence on our brain. The Vagus Nerve, which travels from the gut to the brain, was once thought to be the brain's way of communicating with the gut. But it is now believed that the opposite is true. Your gut bugs actually send signals to the brain. Keeping your gut bugs happy is proving to be crucial to your overall health. But what if we have only scratched the surface. What if our gut bacteria are why we are the dominant species. I truly believe that the reason why we are so dominant is because of our bacteria. No other species has such a diverse population of bacteria living off them. Naveen Jain, founder of Viome (go check them out, they are revolutionizing health care), has an interesting take on our origin. He believes that all bacteria were chilling in Africa and wanted to spread out and explore. So one bacteria, the smartest one in the group, proposed that they create vessels where all of them could live all over the globe. And thus, human's were created. This cute story, sans dramatics, is actually very plausible. What if we are just tools for our bacteria? Maybe they control every single part of us. It seems possible. We are genetically almost identical to many plants and animals. But yet we are so vastly different. And since we have this population of bacteria living with us, is it really that ridiculous to think that the bacteria makes us "human"? I don't think so. I think over the next 50 years, we are going to see research coming out that explores the idea that our bacteria is what makes us conscious. In fact, research is now coming out looking at consciousness as existing alongside our universe instead of within it. Which makes sense. The bacteria created us so they can spread out. So if they indeed control our consciousness, what's to say they can't communicate with each other. Have you ever thought about somebody and then instantly had them text you? Maybe that isn't a coincidence. I truly believe that our bacteria are the bosses. And I don't think it stops there. The earth itself is filled with bacteria which lives in the universe, which likely lives in another universe, and so on. Talk about a mind trip. But I think the most important thing to take away here is that whether or not they control us, our bacteria is important af. And It is crucial to treat them properly. We are their home. If we feed them and treat them wll, they will return the favour. But more on that later. Here's to thinking outside the box. Stay healthy, stay fit, stay lit, Ocho #microbiome #healthyeating #gutbacteria

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