• Justin O

Why Monday Is The Best Day of the Week

For the majority of us, when that alarm rings on Monday morning, we immediately hate ourselves. Another week at work. Another struggle. Another reminder that you are a responsible human being, that has shit to do. But why is this a bad thing? Maybe it's time to rethink Mondays. The purpose of life could be the grind. It can be worth it to struggle through something that delivers gratification. But its not the instant gratification we are so used to today. This isn't an Instagram like, or retweet. Fuck that. This type of gratification holds much more meaning. It's the type that if respected and loved, will make you crave waking up every Monday morning. Mondays are the best because it is an opportunity. There is always a reason to improve . You should strive for perfection every single day. Now don't get this convoluted, there is zero chance that you will achieve this goal. Nobody can achieve perfection. But that's why you need to strive for it. Because even if your life is the shit. Even if you have the dream house, dream job, and fancy car. Even if you are happy af, you will try to be better. And that's all you need to do. You are doing much more than helping yourself. You are helping humanity. By waking up every morning, looking to improve, you are going to end up serving others. A big way to make your Mondays sexy, is through living a life of service. If you see yourself as useful. As an integral part of your workplace, your social circle, your community. And more importantly, as a needed cog in this universe, that gives you back everything you give it. You will be happier. The Law of Attraction is very real. And by treating Monday as an opportunity to improve yourself, you are attracting more of the shit you actually want. Mondays are the absolute best. There is zero reason why you should hate them. So let's change your mindset. When that alarm clock starts ringing, smile. It's a reminder that you have to get going. When you sip on that coffee, and the caffeine flows through you, smile. Use that energy for your purpose. When you get to work, and your boss is throwing you a shit ton of extra paperwork, smile. Crush it. And feel that gratification of following through and accomplishing something. Treat your Mondays as a new beginning. And treat it as the start of a new you. This mindset change will revolutionize your life. You will see that when you hit the weekend, you will feel like such a badass. And you will be more than stoked for that monday morning to come. Where you can do it all over again. Here's to the homies who love the grind. Here's to the best Monday of your life. Here's to you kicking its ass. Stay healthy,stay fit, stay lit, Ocho #mondaymotivation #


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