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Why You Hate Mondays 

If you wake up every Monday hating life, this one is for you. I don't like this idea that Mondays are supposed to suck. I refuse to live my life waiting for the weekend. I refuse to dread any day. When you stop and think about how lucky you are to even be alive, your mindset changes. It's all about perspective. Mondays don't suck. The only thing that sucks is you. But hear me out. I'm sure you are a great person. But your mentality has to change. If you hate Mondays, you need to ask yourself why. I think for a lot of us, Mondays suck because it is a reality check. It means you have to go back to work. And here lies a huge problem. When you don't like what you do Monday-Friday, you really don't like your life. Now I get it, you can't just go and quit your job and start doing what you love. I know you have responsibilities and what not. But perhaps you can make the best out of this situation. Instead of binge watching. Netflix after your 9-5, work on your passion. Start that spiderman.blog, plan that next vacation. Focus on what you love and you will never feel bad about it being Monday again. Monday is my favourite day of the week. It's a new opportunity. Every Monday I strive to be the most productive, to challenge myself. I cherish life too much to dread 52 days out of the year. Here's to kicking Mondays ass

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