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Working Out is Bad For You

You are working out way too much. Let's be clear on something first, this post is not geared towards the fitness athletes, body builders, or any athlete really. These people are performing unnatural feats that require unnatural training. This post is geared towards the regular folks who just want to look good on the beach. People think you need to spend hours upon hours at the gym. They think that training arms, doing intense HIIT workouts, long cardio sessions are going to make them look like a fitness model. They also think that losing weight is all about burning calories. But the truth is, the benefits of working out are not even what is making you shred that body fat. At least not in the way you think. Working out is actually bad for you. It creates oxidative stress which is bad for your mitochondria. That said, a little of it is a good thing. Because your body is fucking amazing, it creates a sort of defense mechanism so that you can become stronger to handle these periods of oxidative stress. This is called a hormetic effect. So sure, working out can be good for you. But at the same time, it's become a way for people to slack on their diet. It's an excuse to live a sedentary lifestyle. And that's not swell. Not one bit. Our ancestors didn't throw down bench presses. They didn't spend hours on the treadmill. Like any wild animal they simply just lived. They needed to be physical to acquire their food. They were active creatures. On occasion they lifted heavy objects and on occasion they sprinted. So yes, they were exercising, but not as a way to make up for a poor diet. So what am I getting at? Should you stop working out completely. No. But I implore you to reconsider your training regimen. Lifting heavy once or twice a week is plenty. And instead of doing long strenuous hours each session, go to failure, and perform the reps slowly. One set. Time under tension is how your muscles will ultimately grow the most efficiently. It's quality over quantity. Lately I've been focussing on getting plenty of sunshine and walking everyday for at least 15 000 steps. And when I do some sort of strength training, I do full body workouts to failure. And it feels incredible. Again, your goals might require you to train unnaturally, but otherwise just get in tune with the animal in you. Train like you are in the wild. You got this swell fam. Stay Healthy, Stay Fit, Stay Lit Ocho #fitness #nutrition #ancestral

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